Computer problems and solutions.

You have a PC! And if you have a PC, you have headaches too. There is no human being in this world who is using a PC without issues. Actually there exists no PC without any problems.

These PC problems may start due to several reasons. For example, a simple power failure may start many different types of affects on your PC. Or you may have accidentally deleted some important system or data files. Or a virus may have entered your computer without your knowledge. The possibility of problems with computer’s are countless.

Mainly we can categorize PC related difficulties into two types as follows.

Hardware Problems

These are the issues which are directly related to your PC’s peripherals(spare parts). For example CD drive problem, Hard disk problem or Monitor malfunction etc.

Software Problems

These issues are related to the problems from the softwares which you are using on your PC. For example, Windows did not start, Only getting 16 colors display, Modem is not working(due to drivers) etc.

Software Problem Solving

Once you are struck with an issue, there are two steps to trouble shoot it. First, Find the root cause of the problem and the Second, Trouble shoot it using a standard procedure. For fault finding, you can use the symptoms which are being shown by the troubled PC. And for solving the trouble, you can use various tools which may include both hardware and software related tools.