He is a scammer from Delhi and sells defective items on Ebay with username 100enterstechnologies as new and genuine products. Most of his items are related to computers and information technology.

100enterstechnologies ebay.in products

As mentioned earlier, he sells mainly computer related items on ebay. At the time of my buying, he was having items like "Core2duo pc", "Chirag core2duo pc", "Titanium core i3 desktop" and "Slim core2duo pc" at good prices.

Product Quality

I bought his ebay item "Chirag core2duo pc" listed at Rs. 7499/- on 20 September 2014 and made my payment thru Paisapay Netbanking option. It took around a week to receive the product.

It was packaged very neatly. It is only when I opened the parcel, I came to know that this person sells sub standard and defective products on ebay.in as new and original products. The pc I got had a broken cabinet, broken cpu fan, had a dent on the cabinet, front panel broken and was inside the cpu cabinet, had a small broken plastic peace from cabinet which made the cabinet loose. Since it was packed very well, I immediately understood that, It was a broken faulty product sent to me as a first hand genuine and brand new product!

How he got away with all positive feedback?

The same of delivery, I contacted this scammer 100enterstechnologies on phone and told him about broken product. He immediately acknowledged that it was indeed his mistake. He requested me to not to raise the issue with ebay and promised me that he will send a dvd writer as a free gift if I kept quite. I thought since it is thousands of kilometers of distance(he was from delhi) and the seller was extremely friendly and apologetic, it would be good to go with what he is offering even though I was at loss.

defective product pictures

Broken cabinet.

This front panel was inside the cabinet.

This fan was broaken and was with front panel inside the cabinet.

There was a dent on the cabinet.

This peace of broken plastic holder of some sort was inside the cabinet.


Ramesh Yadav(2016-06-16) : Online shopping fraud seems to be new way for making quick money by fraudsters. It can be stopped by eCommerce portals working with their customers. Unfortunately, many online shops don't check histories of sellers while registering them with their shop.

David(2016-06-01) : I believe this guy sells his broken products thru other eCommerce web sites also like amazon.in apart from ebay.in Probably, if we could get his name, address and other details, it will be much more easy to identify him.

Ram(2016-05-24) : Unfortunately, this happens too many times on ebay. Scammers like 100enterstechnologies should be banned from all online eCommerce portals. I did wanted to order an item from this ebay seller and thankfully, I saw this thread and cancelled ordering. Probably, we need to have more threads like this to make the customers aware of scams.

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